P2P portfolio update June 2021

Hello dear friends of a stable cashflow! Today there is again an update on the changes in the P2P portfolio with my P2P portfolio update June 2021. In June, there was indeed a breath of fresh air in the P2P portfolio with two new platforms. Happy reading!

Stock purchases June 2021

Hello everyone! Today there is the summary of my stock purchases in June 2021. As usual, fewer investments were planned than it finally became. Nevertheless, I was able to increase my cash ratio, yeah! You can find out which stocks were (newly) added to my portfolio in the following blog post. Happy reading!

Dividends in May 2021

Hello everyone. Like the P2P portfolio update for May, the update on my dividend income for May is also delayed. Unfortunately, there is a lot going on with me at the moment! Anyway, May even came close to the super April. You can find out which stocks paid me a dividend in the blog post.… Continue reading Dividends in May 2021

Stock purchases May 2021

Hello dear readers! With this blog post I want to give you again a short update regarding stock purchases in May 2021. This time it’s all about my venture positions. Have fun reading!

Dividends in April 2021

Hello dear dividend friends! Today I would like to inform you again (a little late) about the dividends from April. There was a lot of cash incoming, so much in advance! Which values have paid me a dividend, you will learn in the following blog post. Have fun!