Interview with Indemo

Hello everyone! Yesterday I already published an abridged version on Instagram, today I’m publishing the full interview with Indemo* and CEO Sergejs Viskovskis. I’m also taking a closer look at the new platform in my P2P portfolio. Enjoy reading!

My history with Debitum Network

Hello again! In today’s blog post, ‘My History with Debitum Network’,  I’ll share my past experiences with the platform and discuss why I withdrew my investments. But that’s not the end of the story! Stay tuned as I reveal my plans to reinvest and explore the exciting changes happening at Debitum Network. Let’s dive in!

Interview and review with Reinvest24

Hello again! In today’s blog post “Interview and Review with Reinvest24” I would like to talk a bit about the Estonian P2P platform. I’ve been invested there for 3 years now, and a lot has happened in that time. I also asked CEO Tanel Orro for a short interview. Have fun reading!

Interview and review with hive5

Hello, dear P2P friends! In today’s blog post, I would like to introduce you to a new P2P platform after a long time. We are talking about hive5! In the context of “Interview and review with hive5” I took a closer look at the platform and asked CEO Ričardas Vandzinskas some questions. Enjoy reading!

Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen

Hello there! In the last P2P portfolio update I added with Income Marketplace a new platform. Today I present you an Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen. He’s the founder and CEO of Income Marketplace. Enjoy reading! Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen Hi Kimmo, thanks for the interview today. Maybe let’s start with introducing you… Continue reading Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen

InRento Interview with Gustas Germanavičius

Hello there! Today I present you an interview with a familiar person and his ‘new’ project, which I interviewed in August 2019 about EvoEstate. But today it’s all about the InRento interview with Gustas Germanavičius. Interview with CEO Gustas Germanavičius Hey Gustas, welcome back to my blog. The last time you were here, we talked… Continue reading InRento Interview with Gustas Germanavičius

Interview with Bondster

Hello everyone! I had announced it for a long time. But what goes around comes around, and so today I can finally publish the interview with the Czech P2P platform Bondster and the “new” CEO Pavel Klema. Enjoy reading! Interview mit Bondster Hi Pavel, thank you for this interview. Of course, I read about your… Continue reading Interview with Bondster

ReInvest 24 – First review and interview

Hi there! Today there is a blog post with two parts. The first is a review of the Estonian real estate platform ReInvest24, part two another interview. This time with ReInvest24′ new marketing manager Viktorija Bondarjonoka. And yes the secondary market will be a topic :).

Moncera and the Placet Group

Hi there! It’s time again for a presentation of a new platform. It’s somehow the ‘extended arm’ of Placet Group, which many of you might know as a A-/B+ rated loan originator on Mintos. The platform’s name is Moncera* and I had the chance to do an interview with their CEO Dmitri Pavlov.