Dividends in October 2021

Hello dear readers! In today’s blog post, we take a look back at the October 2021 dividends and their contribution to my monthly cash flow. Enjoy the read!

Stock purchases September 2021

Hello everyone! Today there is the summary of my stock purchases in June 2021. As usual, fewer investments were planned than it finally became. Nevertheless, I was able to increase my cash ratio, yeah! You can find out which stocks were (newly) added to my portfolio in the following blog post. Happy reading!

P2P portfolio update September 2021

Hello all! I’m sorry! You had to wait this time again very long for the P2P portfolio update September 2021. September and October were then also very eventful and the time was short. I hope you can forgive me ;). Let’s not waste another second and start right away. Have fun reading!

P2P portfolio update August 2021

Hello dear readers! Today there is again a delayed P2P portfolio update August 2021. In August I had a lot going on, new job, many appointments, etc. so the update has “once again” dragged. Nevertheless, I would like to provide a detailed update again. Have fun reading!

Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen

Hello there! In the last P2P portfolio update I added with Income Marketplace a new platform. Today I present you an Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen. He’s the founder and CEO of Income Marketplace. Enjoy reading! Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen Hi Kimmo, thanks for the interview today. Maybe let’s start with introducing you… Continue reading Income Marketplace Interview with Kimmo Rytkönen

Dividends in August/July/June 2021

Hello dear readers! The last blogposts on dividend income somehow got lost due to technical circumstances. Therefore, this time there is a post on the dividends in August/July/June 2021, with a focus on August. Have fun reading!

InRento Interview with Gustas Germanavičius

Hello there! Today I present you an interview with a familiar person and his ‘new’ project, which I interviewed in August 2019 about EvoEstate. But today it’s all about the InRento interview with Gustas Germanavičius. Interview with CEO Gustas Germanavičius Hey Gustas, welcome back to my blog. The last time you were here, we talked… Continue reading InRento Interview with Gustas Germanavičius

P2P portfolio update July 2021

Welcome back! In the P2P portfolio update July 2021, I once again provide an update on the changes in my portfolio. July was similar to the previous month and I was also able to welcome another new platform addition. As always, you can read everything else in the following blog post!

Interview with Bondster

Hello everyone! I had announced it for a long time. But what goes around comes around, and so today I can finally publish the interview with the Czech P2P platform Bondster and the “new” CEO Pavel Klema. Enjoy reading! Interview mit Bondster Hi Pavel, thank you for this interview. Of course, I read about your… Continue reading Interview with Bondster