P2P portfolio update April 2022

Hello dear P2P investors! In the blog post P2P portfolio update April 2022 I write today once again a summary of how my P2P portfolio has developed. For example, I was able to welcome two new platforms and there were record earnings to report. Enjoy reading!

P2P portfolio update March 2022

Hello everybody! In today’s blog post there is again my monthly summary of the development in the field of P2P with the P2P portfolio update March 2022. Have fun reading!

P2P portfolio update February 2022

Hello there! Today it’s once again about P2P, to be exact, about the P2P portfolio update February 2022! February unfortunately goes down in history negatively due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some P2P platforms are affected as well due to lending in both countries. Let’s get started!

P2P portfolio update September 2021

Hello all! I’m sorry! You had to wait this time again very long for the P2P portfolio update September 2021. September and October were then also very eventful and the time was short. I hope you can forgive me ;). Let’s not waste another second and start right away. Have fun reading!

P2P portfolio update August 2021

Hello dear readers! Today there is again a delayed P2P portfolio update August 2021. In August I had a lot going on, new job, many appointments, etc. so the update has “once again” dragged. Nevertheless, I would like to provide a detailed update again. Have fun reading!

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