Dividends in May 2021

Hello everyone. Like the P2P portfolio update for May, the update on my dividend income for May is also delayed. Unfortunately, there is a lot going on with me at the moment! Anyway, May even came close to the super April. You can find out which stocks paid me a dividend in the blog post.… Continue reading Dividends in May 2021

Stock purchases May 2021

Hello dear readers! With this blog post I want to give you again a short update regarding stock purchases in May 2021. This time it’s all about my venture positions. Have fun reading!

Dividends in April 2021

Hello dear dividend friends! Today I would like to inform you again (a little late) about the dividends from April. There was a lot of cash incoming, so much in advance! Which values have paid me a dividend, you will learn in the following blog post. Have fun!

Dividends in March 2021

Hello dear dividend friends. I hope you are healthy! I report again about my dividends and in the month of March I have also reached a small record or milestone. What exactly it has to do with it, you will learn in the following blog post!