Portfolio update July 2020

Hi! Nice that you’re back for another reading on the portfolio update July 2020, this time I hardly invested anything at all, but reinvested exclusively. Nevertheless, thanks to a platform I was able to post the highest interest income so far. Which platform this is, you can read in the following blog post.

ReInvest 24 – First review and interview

Hi there! Today there is a blog post with two parts. The first is a review of the Estonian real estate platform ReInvest24, part two another interview. This time with ReInvest24′ new marketing manager Viktorija Bondarjonoka. And yes the secondary market will be a topic :).

Portfolio update June 2020

Hi and welcome to the portfolio update June 2020. I hope you are still alright! In the review you get once more a lot of information and for the first time an insight from the tool portfolio performance which I’m using to track all of my investments. 

Moncera and the Placet Group

Hi there! It’s time again for a presentation of a new platform. It’s somehow the ‘extended arm’ of Placet Group, which many of you might know as a A-/B+ rated loan originator on Mintos. The platform’s name is Moncera* and I had the chance to do an interview with their CEO Dmitri Pavlov.

Quanloop – Another Estonian P2P platform? – A Review

Hi there! From time to time I present new platforms on my blog. There are different reasons for that. First it’s for sure personal interest. On the other hand platforms want to be ‘promoted’ by bloggers. Therefore, I did an interview with Quanloop. What? Again an Estonian P2P platform? Not exactly!

My platform settings #1


Hello everybody! I hope you had peaceful Easter holidays even though it was probably a little bit lonely than we normally know it. In the last blog post I told you I want to show you my platform settings #1 so you see what I changed due to the effects of COVID-19 on the p2p/crowdlending… Continue reading My platform settings #1