P2P portfolio update May 2021

p2p portfolio update may 2021

Hello everyone! Today there is again an update about changes in the individual P2P platforms with my P2P portfolio update May 2021. May was quite busy for me and June was not much better. There was and is something to do on all corners and ends. That's why the May update comes very late, of course. You may forgive me! But without further ado, let's get started right away.


I would like to start today first with the current actions of the platforms, then briefly something about the current “strategy”. Then, as usual, comes the IRR ranking, to then look more closely at the individual platforms. With this blogpost I also want to change a little something again. I divide the platforms this time into platforms where I continue to (re)invest and possibly even increase, platforms that I let expire or the investment was stopped and I first reduce my investment. For platforms that I'm still testing, I write that it is a test balloon.


Another thing about the current strategy. Currently, I withdraw from platforms that bring me more than 10 EUR interest per month and build up some cash or redistribute it to other platforms. So I'm much more flexible and can consider whether I use it in the following month to specifically increase a platform or leave it as cash and invest elsewhere if necessary.

IRR ranking May 2021

I've selected the 01.07.2017 as a start, as this is where I started tracking my P2P investments.

Initial investment
IRR (%)
Change previous month (%)
Invested (EUR)
Change previous month (EUR)



Currently I'm in a kind of withdrawal phase or consolidation / reallocation. On the following platforms, however, I continue to reinvest and plan to increase the investment moderately in some cases.

P2P (Buy-back)

There was little to report on Mintos in May, except that interest rates were a bit lower than usual. But that does not matter, because the interest level has fallen overall. As of 31.05.21 there were still 7.824 EUR on the account. 60 EUR of interest I withdrew again. The IRR was 13,12%.

Even if Mintos is one of my largest platforms, still 18,2% of my investment is questionable. Namely all pending payments and loans in recovery.

I have temporarily switched from the affiliate link to the referral link at Mintos* to be able to use the advantages of the Mintos Investor Club at some point. Unfortunately nothing changes for you, only I get a bonus from 10 EUR at 500 EUR investment.



Also at IUVO in May again the usual 20 EUR were deducted. 2.582 EUR are currently invested with an IRR of 12,63%. My auto invest has finally managed to invest in quite a few Ibancar loans. On this loan originator should be increasingly the focus.

Marking 10% of the capital as questionable seems to be appropriate because of the amount of HR loans.

  • For IUVO there are two different offers. Unfortunately the referral program is extremely unattractive since a few days. For the first you can contact me because unfortunately it has to be done manually, and I have to invite you. You get 1,5% cashback for investement above 1.000€. I receive 1,5% too.
  • With the 2nd offer (click on the banner) I get 5€ and 2% of the investment in the first 30 days and 3% for the investment of day 31-90


At PeerBerry, there was a change in ownership, as announced last time. Since January 2018, the passive shareholders were Genrik Baitiul and Ivan Butov. The former has now sold his shares to Igoris Trofimovas in April 2021. Yes, the name Trofimovas has been mentioned from time to time in the context of Aventus Group. Andrejus, the CEO of some companies with the Aventus brand, is the brother of Igoris. Family business! My IRR was at the end of May at 12,81% with invested 1.030 EUR. Here I had also started to withdraw monthly 10 EUR cash.

One of the most solid platforms for over two years. However, the story with the group guarantee makes you think.

A while ago PeerBerry introduced a loyalty bonus, but with high requirements:

  • 0,5% for 10.000€
  • 0,75% for 25.000€
  • 1% for 40.000€

If you use my PeerBerry* link, I'll receive 5€ + 1% from investments for 60 days.


The answers for the interview are now actually available to me, but could not yet be packed into a blog post due to my professional workload. It will probably come in mid-July. Otherwise, there was little news. The IRR was at 11,28% at the end of May with 1.197 EUR invested. Again, I'll withdraw 10 EUR at the end of the month.

I still see Bondster as a young platform and even if the collection of Polish loans works out very well, I see 30% of the investment as questionable.

There is a 1% cashback after 30, 60 and 90 days at Bondster*. I receive 2% .



Until the end of June there was the 2% cashback campaign for all new deposits! I've used this and will report about it in the June update. In May, everything was as before. My IRR was 16,21% at the end of the month, as it was in April. The investment is 699,39 EUR.

Because the platform is new and I only invested a few euros I won't put capital as questionable for now.

On the platform you get 1% cashback if you are using my link*. Currently, in total up to 16%! My reward is 5€ onetime + 1,5%


Swaper continues to run successfully, now and then a little cash drag, but this doesn't change anything in the IRR. In May, it is still 12,46% with an investment of 314,61 EUR. Here, too, I think after ages I'll top up the investment.

Because I just have a few Euros invested I won't put it as questionable for now.

If you use my link* my reward is onetime 5€ + 2% cashback for 90 days.


In May, the situation with the uninvested money had improved somewhat and significantly more was invested again. The IRR was 11,56% with invested 1.340 EUR. As with some other platforms, I have withdrawn 10 EUR.

In my opinion Viainvest is quite solid and so 0% of my capital is questionable (so far).

For the start at Viainvest* there is a 15€ bonus. For this only 50€ need to be invested. I'm also rewarded with 15€ if you register with my link.


There was no further increase in Twino in May, this is planned for June. Currently, the IRR is 10,57% with an invested 728,16 EUR.

So far, the platform has been running so solidly for 3 1/2 years that I don't consider my investment questionable.

Here* you can register. If you invest 100€ we both are rewarded with a bonus of 15€.


There was no change in Moncera. With an invested 522,80 EUR and an IRR of 9,94%, I will now observe the situation again for a while before I think about a further increase.

I'm watching the platform very closely, but so far I have no reason to consider my investment questionable. Nevertheless, the platform is of course very young.

If you use my Moncera link* I'll receive 1% on all deposits made by you in the first 60 days. This also supports my blog, so I want to say thank you in advance!


I almost forgot to mention on my own blog that I have already started with another platform since March. Afranga is the interesting name and behind it is the in-house platform of the Bulgarian loan originator Stikcredit, which you already know from Mintos or Bondster. I started with 100 EUR and added another 150 EUR at the end of April. Today, the total investment is 276,82 EUR with an IRR of 7.77%.

As always with new platforms, I test the whole thing first with a small amount and share my observations. Afranga is also a candidate like Moncera, where I could imagine to increase the investment a bit faster.

If you are interested in Afranga, you are welcome to use my link* and support my blog. Unfortunately, only I receive 1% cashback. Prerequisite for this, you invest >500 EUR.

P2B (Real estate)

I continue to reinvest manually in EstateGuru. Invested at the end of May were 3.629 EUR with an IRR of 9,62%.

I don't consider my invested capital to be ‘questionable'. So far EstateGuru has always ensured recovery.

At EstateGuru* there is a 1% cashback for 3 months until end of April. I also receive the cashback and in addition 5€.


At Bulkestate, there was cashflow again in May due to successful projects. Since nothing suitable followed, I have still withdrawn some money. Currently, 1.040 EUR are invested and the IRR is at 7,17%. As mentioned last time, Bulkestate's numbers are inaccurate here due to some partial repayments. Both the invested amount and the IRR should be somewhat higher.

I think about 9% of the capital is questionable, because of the two delayed projects and because I do not know how well the recovery is working. However, refinancing on Crowdestate is a step in the right direction.

If you use my link* I'll receive 1% cashback for 180 days and one-time 5€.


At the end of May I informed you about the first successful exit from Moldova in a blogpost. There will be more news in June as well. Things are happening at Reinvest24! In May I invested in another project. The calculated IRR at the end of the month was 8,76% with invested 1.094 EUR

I consider 10% of my investment as questionable, as ReInvest24 is still a young platform.

If you want to invest on ReInvest24*, there is a 10€ bonus for you. I'll receive 1% of the investment.


May was quite quiet at EvoEstate. 5.726 EUR were invested as of 31.05 with an IRR of 3,84%. By the way, the calculated return differs strongly from the “Net Annual Returns”, which is now already at 11,04%, due to final maturity projects.

Although, EvoEstate is still one of the younger platforms. I don't (any longer) consider my capital to be questionable.

For EvoEstate there is a 0,5% cashback for 6 months with this link*. I get 0,5% too and one-time 5€.


At the end of May, the Irish platform had a mercy and finally 50 EUR was invested in a new project. The IRR was 6,75% at 31.05 with a total investment of 311,43 EUR.

So far exclusively paying or already repaid projects. Only the lack of new projects clouds the entry. I do not consider my investment questionable at the moment.

Linked Finance doesn't have an affiliate program, so there's nothing for you or me. Nevertheless, you can register here if you like.


With NeoFinance, things are also running smoothly so far, the red credits are at least no longer increasing that much. At the end of May 1.286 EUR are invested in NeoFinance and the IRR is 13,29%. I don't count the red credits as defaults so far, since they do make a payment from time to time. The manually selected loans have very strict criteria. Since I have been doing this specifically, the number of loans that are up to 90 days late has felt to be declining somewhat. However, I have yet to back up this observation with numbers. NeoFinance is one of the platforms where I have not paid out any interest, as there is a withdrawal fee. In the following screenshots a comparison of April 2021 and May 2021.

The return calculated by the platform is now 14.08% after an adjustment of the calculation. There is a deduction of 15% withholding tax (can be reduced to 10% by the way).

At least the 91-270 days overdue loans I have to mark as questionable even though some of them might pay in the future. I think approx. 17% of the capital is questionable in the current situation.

NeoFinance* changed and lowered their offer too. There is 1% cashback for you and me for 90 days.

P2P (Short-term)

Go & Grow

Go & Grow I mainly use for a small part of my cash and will also use it for my side hustle and savings for insurance payments. Because of the withdrawals from time to time and the fee of 1€ IRR is at 6,75%. However, I do not want to miss the liquidity available here. The total investment is 1.605 EUR.

I don't think my investment here is in question. Bondora has enough leverage.

5€ are available for you at Bondora* right after registration.


With LendSecured, I continue to wait to get a real feeling for the platform. In May, 101,95 EUR was invested with an IRR of 8,77%.

If you are interested in LendSecured, you can use my link*. I'll receive 10 € for the successful registration + 1% cashback for 180 days.

Stopped investment

As mentioned in the last P2P portfolio update in April, May didn't look quite as bleak as the previous month. However, the decision remains to reduce the investment to 15.000 EUR for the time being. Probably I will, depending on what returns come in, also reduce further. As of today, the cash flow simply does not match the invested amount. My new ratio, the delayed projects, continues to rise to now 56% (+4%). I deliberately took this risk by buying projects on the secondary market, it must also be said for the sake of completeness. My investment at the end of May was 15.543 EUR with an IRR of 8,89%.

Further, because of the risk of the platform and projects, 50% of the investment is ‘questionable' to me (regardless of the ~56% delayed projects). Especially due to the Corona pandemic, which will have a massive effect on tourism and restaurants.

With my link* there is 1% on top for 90 days on your investment! My reward is 1% too.


The British platform AxiaFunder offers investing in an area I haven't seen before because they offer investing in litigation cases. You can find an interview with CEO Cormac Leech at explorerp2p.com. Very worth reading!

My initial investment was £500. Yes, that's the minimum investment and a lot. You have to bring some capital with you in order to have proper diversification. The same is also possible for a total loss and even a loss of more than the invested money. My test project is not going very well and there might be a margin call soon. On the positive side returns of 20-30% p.a. are possible. So it's a high risk test balloon! In March the IRR is 4,71% due to currency effects.

I'm therefore letting my investment expire (if possible), because you need a lot of capital for a reasonable diversification. I don't have that and I'm not willing to invest that much there either.

If AxiaFunder is an interesting platform for you, I would be happy if you use my link*. My reward is 50€.


Of course, nothing happened at Viventor in May. I expect to write off the platform in June. “Invested” are still 206,11 EUR or more or less, the numbers are not correct anyway. But my IRR is still at 7,66%. Nevertheless, stay away from the platform!


The situation is similar with Crowdestate, i.e. as far as my two remaining projects are concerned, not very rosy. The IRR was -8,16% at the end of May and there is still 168,25 EUR on the account.


At Debitum Network, the withdrawal of my investment is proceeding a bit faster. There are still 23,31 EUR left with an IRR of 8,69%


As explained in previous months, the red flags at TFGCrowd are piling up and there is no recommendation from me! In May, 409,86 EUR are still invested at TFGCrowd. My projects I put with a discount on the secondary market unfortunately have a bit too much competition. The IRR is still 18,45%.

Portfolio performance income

After the surprisingly bad April, May was much better again and the 300 EUR feel-good limit was exceeded again at 335,30 EUR.

Affiliate/referral income

I mentioned that I'll be more transparent regarding income of affiliate sources. You have seen that I write down what I get in return if you're using my links. In addition, I would like to give an update on my affiliate income in May. This one was a positive outlier and I was able to collect a total of 170,20 EUR, spread over eight platforms.

Referral income I received from the following platforms:


That was it again with my P2P portfolio update May 2021. The previous month was not such a nice feeling, but in May I was back on track. Of course, the consolidation continues. Here my goal is to bring some platforms to 1.000 EUR and generate at least 10 EUR of interest per month.

Feel free to let me know in the comments how your P2P investments are going or which platforms you have worries and concerns about!

Distribution by P2P/Crowlending classes

Below you can find my distribution between the individual P2P / crowdlending classes for May.

  • 34,66% (+0,32%) P2P (Buy-back)
  • 33,28% (-0,11%) Crowdlending
  • 0,69% (+0,01%) P2B
  • 24,16% (+0,46%) P2B (Real estate)
  • 2,67% (-0,79%) P2P
  • 3,33% (+0,08%) P2P (Short-term)
  • 1,21% (+0,03%) Misc. (AxiaFunder)

I hope you found my summary interesting as always. I'm always open for constructive criticism and suggestions. Follow me on Instagram. There I post not only about P2P and crowdlending, but also about stocks, dividends and options. So have a look! We will read about the next portfolio update in July.

About new projects on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

On my own behalf, I would like to mention that I also present new projects on Twitter (kaph1016) and Instagram (investdiversified) in which I invest myself. Also, on Facebook I have a page. There are also a few insights into how I invest in other areas. So just follow me :).

*Some links in my posts are affiliate or referral links. That means I get a little bonus. For each of those who use these links, however, there are no costs or other disadvantages. On the contrary, there is usually a start bonus or cashback. So if you use these links, you support my blog and for that I say thank you in advance!

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