Reinvest24 update – Projects in Germany

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Hello again! Once again there are news from Reinvest24. After projects from Moldova and Spain were already published on the platform, there is now another entry into a new market. Namely, there are now projects in Germany. A first rental project was recently published on the platform and I had some questions for R24, which I would like to share with you. Have fun reading!

Reinvest24 update – Projects in Germany

For the first German project, Reinvest24 found what it was looking for in Brandenburg, more precisely in Eberswalde. Elsewhere, I would have been surprised and at the same time put off by such a promise of return. I think it is quite good that after many financing projects, they are now offering rental projects again. And in Germany, of course, that's nice to see.

reinvest24 update - projects in germany

Question to Reinvest24

How was the process to enter the German market

We have our eyes on several potential markets, and when the good offer comes in, we start deep diving into the project, as well as the market as such. With Germany, It took us over half a year to negotiate this project and agree on the terms. For now, we have a representative in Germany who will take care of all the documentation and also manage the project, but overall we are getting ready to open a branch there as well. 

Is there a cooperation partner?

At the moment we do not have any cooperation partner, only our representative. But we are in progress of establishing a team of 2 people to screen and manage projects. We also have some potential new partners in that market. We will keep you updated on this topic.

The first project is a rental one, do you focus on such projects only?

We would like to add different types of projects from this market, but currently, the biggest potential we see in rental properties that require some renovation / construction works. High yielding projects on this market always require work, something fully ready and covered with rental contracts dont give you this level of returns.

The first project is in Eastern Germany (Brandenburg). Was that region chosen on purpose?

The region wasn't chosen on purpose at first. But after doing a project's due diligence and evaluating market potential, we see that the region near Berlin has a great potential for rental properties.

How many German projects investors can expect?

Currently, we do not have an exact number of projects ready to be disclosed. But for sure, we are planning to publish a couple of more projects from Germany during this year. We are putting in the efforts to screen the market and to find those opportunities, but as always, the quality is more important to us than the volume when it comes to our property selection.


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  1. Thank you for the article and for the blog as a whole. I invest in Reinvest24. It is really nice platform, often they have good bonuses and while the interest rates are lower compared with other similar sites, the projects seem more secure.

    1. Hi 🙂 Thx for your feedback! I wouldn’t say the interest rate is lower than on other real estate focused platforms. It’s similar.

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