P2P portfolio update February 2021

Hello P2P friends! Today, with the P2P portfolio update February 2021, there is again a detailed report on the development of my P2P portfolio. One thing I can say in advance, I invested more than the months before. On which platform, you will learn in the following article. Happy reading!

P2P portfolio update January 2021

Hello there! In mid-February, I’ll take a look back at the previous month with the P2P portfolio update January 2021. There is a new test balloon that I’ve started. Which one it is, you will learn in the following blog post!

Portfolio update September 2020

Hi everybody! As promised, the Portfolio update September 2020 comes a tiny bit earlier. For October, it will hopefully come directly in the first week. Have fun reading!

Portfolio update August 2020

Hi! Nice that you’re back for reading about the portfolio update August 2020. Due to vacations and many private things that had to be cleared up, this update will come a little later. But the review of September comes already in mid-October, I promise! Happy reading!