Crowdestor – Interview, auto-invest and secondary market

Hi there. After the presentation of Kuetzal I would like to introduce you to Crowdestor today. I've been invested here since April 2019 but I already like the platform extraordinarily well. The company is based in Estonia (Tallin), but operates from Latvia (Riga). The Crowdestor interview also gives some information about the auto-invest feature and the upcoming secondary market.

For 50€ as a minimum investment you can invest in a wide variety of projects there (details in the interview). Portfolio Performance shows me a return of 12,40% after just under two months.

Platform information

Unlike e. g. Envestio Crowdestor announces new projects a few days in advance. This gives investors the opportunity to transfer further funds. Only the details page will not be accessible until the day of publication. I think that could be changed in the future.

Crowdestor pays interest from the date of the investment and not until the selected project is 100% financed. There is also a minimum target for projects.

Another highlight is the buy-back fund. More information in the following interview.

The interview

Hello, first of all thank you for the interview! For those who don't know yet what Crowdestor is. Can you briefly present the platform and say something about the business model?

Crowdestor is a platform that offers a wide range of project types. You can invest in real estate, energy, transport and business projects here for as little as 50€.


How Crowdestor was founded?

There wasn't really a platform where you have different options for your investment. Most other platforms focus on a special field. That's why Crowdestor was founded.


You had a huge stand together with some projects at the INVEST in Stuttgart. Was there an increase in German investors after that?

Through Stuttgart we actually had an increase in investors. But we wouldn't say it was majority German investors. Many investors have been registered from a wide range of countries.


Is there any new information about when you want to release the auto-invest feature ? And can you already say something about the settings?

The auto-invest feature is scheduled for the end of the summer. It will be able to adjust the project type, the maximum investment amount, the size of the project and the interest rate. So everyone finds the perfect project to invest.


Can you give me a brief example of how a project ends up on the Crowdestor page?

Until now we only work with Baltic projects because it is easier to obtain the required data and evaluate the risk factor. Creativity also plays a role in project selection. To do this we give the projects a free hand how and with which information they would like to present their project. After verification of these information there are no more obstacles to present it on the page.


Do you think you can continue holding the number of projects you've acquired in recent months?

We try to publish a project about every two weeks. But if we think one of the projects has challenges, we will postpone the publication-quality over quantity. There are currently 4 projects in the queue and ready to be published.


One of your goals for 2019 was to build the buy-back fund. At this stage, 737.000€ are in it. Do you still plan to raise 100.000€ or even more?

Yes, the goal is still 100.000€ for this year. But if that is achieved the next goal will get bigger.


How does the process work in the event of a default?

Of each project financed 1% of the investment is channelled into the buy-back fund. If there is a problem with one of the projects we use the money from the buy-back fund.


Are there any plans for a secondary market?

Yes, there are very specific plans. There will be a secondary market by late summer. So you can look forward to it:).


Preliminary conclusions

Since I am still quite new at Crowdestor I can't report anything negative yet. On the contrary. Interest is paid in time. There are enough projects which are also very attractive. And the buy-back fund personally offers me more security through its real value than a pure buy-back guarantee.

I was also able to speak at the INVEST with the CEOs Gunars Udris and Janis Timars and also with the representatives of some of the projects in which I'm invested. These were very pleasant conversations and with Gunars and Janis you notice they have grand plans.

On Crowdestor I will significantly increase my investment in the near future through the interview, the upcoming auto-invest feature and the secondary market.

The Deal – 1% On Top

For all those who want to test out the Crowdestor, there is an promo code. This means that there is an additional 1% on your invested amount. In order to make the whole thing transparent: I will also receive 1% of the invested amount.


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