Dividends in March 2021

Hello dear dividend friends. I hope you are healthy! I report again about my dividends and in the month of March I have also reached a small record or milestone. What exactly it has to do with it, you will learn in the following blog post!

Dividends in February 2021

Welcome back dear friends of the cash flow to the blog post on dividends in February 2021! There were lots of different dividend payers again and I go into more detail on the top 5. Enjoy!

Dividends in January 2021

Hello dear dividend friends! Today there is the blog post about my dividends in January 2021. It came down again some monetary drizzle. Have fun reading!

Stock purchases January 2021

Hi hi! The new year is still young. Nonetheless, there was a first movement in my stocks portfolio. In this blog post I want to write about my stock purchases in January 2021. Stay tuned!

Dividends in December 2020

Hi there and happy new year! As announced I want to publish additional content this year and I want to start with a post about the dividends in December 2020. Happy reading!