Why am I starting this blog?

Now why I started this blog? Good question. I think it's a mixture of enthusiasm, curiosity and also a little bit of discontent.

Enthusiasm because the topic of ‘investing' is my passion. Curiosity, since I have never dealt with anything like blogging so far (other than consuming other blogs).

But why discontent? I think that despite the limited or restricted and less profitable investment opportunities (at least in Germany) there are far more if you just look a little outside the box. Of course this blog is initially about P2P and crowdlending but it should also offer a different view of the whole topic of investing.

My goal is to show these possibilities to the readers and to deprive them of some fear of investing. For this purpose I will upload monthly interviews with CEOs of some platforms and generally present platforms where I'm personally invested in.

With that in mind, have fun reading! 🙂

Schreib etwas oder tippe / zur Blockauswahl

PS: Do you have questions about certain topics? I'm happy to answer these.

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