ReInvest24 goes to Spain

reinvest24 goes to spain

Hi together! ReInvest24 goes to Spain! Why the Baltic platform is going this way and what I think about it, you can read in the following blog post. Have fun reading!

Opening of a new branch in Spain

So with the latest post on ReInvest24's blog, the platform announces further expansion. But let's take a step back.

When I invested in my first project at ReInvest24 in February 2019, the platform was still different, namely “freshly hatched” in the shark tank of the Baltic P2P industry. There were only a few projects, and they filled up very slowly (fun fact: It's still like that :D).

In the meantime, significantly more investors have joined. The original focus on rental projects has been expanded, and now they also offer development projects. After a long dry spell, there is now also a secondary market. With regard to country diversification, a lot has also happened. From Estonia to Latvia, then Moldova was added. And now Spain.

But why Spain and why now? Of course, one is taking a risk here, but returns don't just happen by themselves. Since Spain is in the midst of a recession, one goes evenly to this risk and would like to collect real estate favorably. After all, the profit lies in purchasing :).

At a first glance ReInvest24 seems to have strengthened itself with experienced people, namely Miguel Villena and Maxim Enachi. Time will tell how well (or not so well) the two complement the team.

My thoughts

As you know, I invest diversified across multiple real estate platforms. In my perfect, beautiful world, I had thought of the following:

At EstateGuru, my focus is on Estonian, Finnish and German projects. At Bulkestate rather only Latvia. EvoEstate as a marketplace diversifies with a focus on Spain but also on all kinds of countries that are otherwise difficult to collect (Ireland etc.).

And ReInvest24? At the beginning, I wanted to invest exclusively in rental projects. But with Moldova a very interesting country was added. And now with Spain, a country that I also cover with EvoEstate. However, since I find the market very interesting and estimate the risk to be lower than in the Moldovan market, I will also invest in Spanish projects through ReInvest24.

I have also increased my investment again with the start of the bonus campaign. But this is also due to the fact that not all projects of ReInvest24 are listed on EvoEstate anymore. Of course, I asked 😉 and R24 is trying to set new terms with EvoEstate that would make sense for all parties. It's more beneficial to invest on R24 directly as some bonuses like the current cashback will be exclusive only for the ones who invest directly. And this is always a good opportunity to invest!


If you want to invest on ReInvest24* there is a 10€ Bonus for you. I get 1% of the investment. Furthermore, there is an action until 22.02.2021. If you invest at least 500€ Investment on the primary market you get 1% cashback! The details you can read here.

About new projects on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

On my own behalf, I would like to mention that I also present new projects on Twitter (kaph1016) and Instagram (investdiversified) in which I invest myself. Also on Facebook I have a page. There are also a few insights into how I invest in other areas. So just follow me :).

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