Portfolio-Update July 2019

Hello everyone.

Today I would like to launch the Portfolio-Update July 2019 series, in which I would like to present my portfolio and performance approximately every one to two months. I'm just going through all the platforms and try to explain any XIRR anomalies and have a look at some of my investment decisions.


On Kuetzal I have been invested in three projects since May with just over 1.100€ and the interest payments so far have been arriven on time. Of course, you have to wait and see. Currently, Kuetzal the XIRR ranking by a clear margin and 18.51% (+2.85% compared to the previous month).

As I am writing about the platform, I would like to point out again the cashback marathon . It runs until 31. October.

Unfortunately there is a small catch. You have to invest minimum 1000€ in a single project if you want the cashback.


Since beginning of April about 1300€ have moved from me to one of Envestio's countless bank accounts. However 160€ is still waiting for a new suitable investment opportunity. XIRR is down and is currently at 13.37% (-0.38% compared to June), but is approaching the forecasted 16%. I have invested in five projects there. By the way, I handle this in such a way that I put the money first in larger sums per project and then in smaller sums of €50. The newly introduced auto-invest makes it a little easier when new projects come in. They were always gone very quickly. However, a minimum investment of 100€ is also required. I personally would prefer 50€. Nevertheless, everything at Envestio has been working smoothly so far.


My favorite platform Crowdestor is ranked 3rd in the XIRR ranking with 12.87% since April, gradually approaching the 17.01% displayed in the dashboard. In the previous month it was 12.25%, so an increase of 0.62%! If you're wondering why there's a difference here (and on other platforms too)? Easy to explain. On the one hand, I haven't invested that long, on the other hand, there are e.g. on Crowdestor projects that pay interest only once a quarter or half-year. So the whole thing becomes really meaningful only after round about one year. My investment is almost 2000€ and will certainly get bigger :). An auto-invest and a second market will (hopefully) be added soon at Crowdestor.


With 12.13% (+0.28% compared to the previous month), Grupeer is in 4th place. I'm actually quite happy with the platform. The interest rates are getting in quite slowly, but at the end of the month I am always surprised how much interest came in. I am invested at Grupeer with 1250€.


Yes, what can be said about my biggest position Mintos (~6300€). It's running perfect and so I also profit. In the previous month XIRR was 11.45%. At the end of July 12.01%. The jump was made due to the current interest rate high and the sale of some older loans, which are still approximately 10% and had to give way to new 15/16% loans. The weighted interest rate of my loans at Mintos is approx. 14.20%, so XIRR will continue to rise.

Mintos offers you a bonus to start on the platform.


Smooth 12% indicates portfolio performance for IUVO, at 1050€ investment. The platform itself shows 14.21% in the dashboard. The difference here is due to the fact that IUVO or the loan originators do not pay interest on late loans. Nevertheless, the internal interest rate is steadily increasing and I am very, very satisfied with IUVO. This is one of the platforms that once set up properly, just run. No auto-invest problems and a very fast and nice support!

By the way, IUVO offers you up to 90€ for the start on the platform. If you're interested, just send me a short message.


11.15% is attributable to PeerBerry. The Auto-Invest is set at 12% and the platform itself shows 12.31%. I used to have some 11% loans in my portfolio, so I think that explains it. PeerBerry actually runs top, only the bank statement doesn't work for some time now, which is a bit annoying. I'm invested there with approx. 1200€.


Since April I have been investing at Viainvest with just over 1000€. Why? I said goodbye to Twino, searched for a replacement and found it in Viainvest. An XIRR of 9.34% is very good for this short time, especially since there are only 11% loans on the platform anyway. So approach is coming bit by bit.

You get 10€ for the start at Viainvest. For this a minimum investment of only 50€ is necessary.


I just realize that I have many favorite platforms. Bondster is one of them. On the Czech platform there are already 6 loan originators and you can achieve a fairly good diversification. In addition many 13% loans are offered. The start of the investment was with a small sum of approx. 400€ in May, which is why the 9.08% already look very good. Highly recommended!

With the promo code 05772, Bondster has 1% on top in the first 30, 60 and 90 days!


Child of sorrow… For me the loan portfolio at Bondora consists only of red loans, I sold all other loans after 4 years of investing. Through the recovery process I hope that something remains. Of course I could sell them with high discount, but I'm not reliant on the ~380€. Therefore, the money stays where it is for the time being.

I can't really recommend Portfolio Pro. If you stop putting in more money, the return drops very quickly into the basement. Although Bondora's recovery process is one of the best in the p2p industry, there are plenty of alternatives.


As a ‘replacement' I wanted to have another ‘real' P2P platform in my portfolio. I found it in NeoFinance, where I invested 1000€ since March. But huh, 10.24% last month and only 7.80% this July? Yes, I once tested the sale of an overdue loan. This is, of course, directly reflected in the XIRR. So far I am quite satisfied with NeoFinance, but a real conclusion can only be drawn here after some time has passed. By the way, the return calculated by the platform is 18.46%! And this despite the deduction of 15% withholding tax (can be reduced to 10%, by the way).

At NeoFinance, there is a 10€ bonus for an investment of at least €150 within the first 90 days.


I am a bit disappointed with the performance at Viventor. Here I have invested a little over 1000€. My loans range somewhere between 12% and 16%. The XIRR is however really miserable at 6.64% (+0.18% compared to the previous month). About 1/3 of the loans are delayed. Maybe Viventor just needs some more time. I'll keep you updated!

Bondora Go & Grow

The better product despite a capped interest rate of 6.75% is Go & Grow. I mainly use it for a small part of my cash inventory. Since there are some debits taking place here and there and you have to pay a fee of 1€, the XIRR is slightly lower with 6.22%. However, I do not want to miss the liquidity available here.

5€ is available at Bondora right after registration. If someone has a larger sum and want to invest it in Go & Grow, just write me a short message (I'll share my bonus then).


Now let's move on to EstateGuru and the 18 projects I'm invested in. XIRR currently stands at 5.97%. That's ok, because some of the projects are final or pay per quarter. I'm invested there with 1200€. There are (yet) no defaults. So far I can highly recommend EstateGuru in the real estate sector and I will also expand my investment there.

At EstateGuru there is 0.5% cashback on your investment in the first three months.


Since I am a bit more risk-taking on the road here and there, I also had a look at Monethera. I have been investing there since June with a small amount of 275€, but I invested another 250€ a few minutes ago. The first interest rates were already there. You can find an interview with CEO Andis Tauber on my blog. I set XIRR to 0.00% because it's not yet indicative. But all the available projects offers interest of >18%!


1150€ I have invested in Bulkestate. XIRR = 0.00%. What's the reason? All projects are final. In the event that there are no defaults (which I hope so, of course), the return is expected to be around 15% commute. I will also increase my investment at Bulkestate


Unfortunately this investment posibility is only for investors from Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. (yet). I am invested in an stock property (so an existing building which is already rented) at Exporo with 1000€. The expected return is expected at 4.5% and payments come in every quarter. However, I would like to expand the investment in the future.

Exporo does also offers real estate development projects. Here everybody can invest. Maybe for diversification it's interesting for you.

By the way, Exporo offers you 100€ cashback for your first investment.


My third-largest position with 1500€ I invested at Crowdestate with a dashboard return of 15.25%. Yesterday I already received the first interest of two projects, skin in the game I have at 6 projects. The negative XIRR is due to a purchase of a project via the secondary market. Also Crowdestate, will develop slowly I think, as some projects are final or pay interest only per quarter. Nevertheless, due to the good track record and the previous projects, I am very optimistic.


For ReInvest24 the 2% fees per project have a negative influence. The first dividends have already arrived and there is also a new project, which looks very interesting (have a look 😉). Almost 600€ are invested here.

Outlook & Summary

Of course the top performers are  the crowdlending platforms. Led by Kuetzal and close behind Envestio and Crowdestor. High returns, high risk, but as we all know, you can't get something from nothing. Grupeer and IUVO are developing very well and Mintos will continue to be my biggest position, which will certainly be increased again. All in all I'm curious to see what how the portfolio develops in August.

Disappointed and skeptical I'm with Viventor, which would normally have to deliver up to 14%.  There will also be a new platform in my portfolio in August. So be curious! See you on the next portfolio update!

Revolut – My account for p2p and crowdlending

Since I don't want to transfer everything from my regular bank account to the platforms, I was looking for a simpler solution. A few months ago I stumpled upon Revolut.

After being skeptical at first I'm now a big fan of the app. Transactions to the different platforms and also withdrawals are executed very fast. In addition  you can with the free Revolut VISA card with max. 200€ cash limit per month at an ATM. And that without additional costs!

In addition Revolut is my faithful travel companion. Since I also work abroad from time to time  I also looked for a way to simply exchange currencies. This is easily possible with the Revolut app. Also without fees (up to 6.000€ per month)!

About new projects on Twitter and Instagram

On my own behalf, I would like to mention that I also present new projects on Twitter and Instagram, in which I invest myself. So just follow me :).

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