Portfolio update August 2020


Hi! Nice that you're back for reading about the portfolio update August 2020. Due to vacations and many private things that had to be cleared up, this update will come a little later. But the review of September comes already in mid-October, I promise! Happy reading!

As usual, I would like to start with the IRR ranking and then take a closer look at the individual platforms. This is followed by the portfolio performance interest rate overview, my affiliate/referral income and my change(s) for the P2P/crowdlending classes. Happy reading!

IRR-Ranking August
Initial investment
IRR (%)
Changes previous month (%)
Invested (EUR)
Changes previous month (EUR)


In this portfolio update from August 2020, I sorted the reports for the platforms again like in the previous month according to the P2P type and performance.


At first some news about red flag platforms. This time sponsored by Wisefund.

portfolio-update mai 2020

As mentioned in the previous month, I am increasingly critical of Wisefund. It is not for nothing that I considered the whole investment questionable. Only four of my projects are paying interest, for the rest there were updates, but they only announce that the projects will be officially considered defunct at the end of September and then legal action will be taken. As a result, the IRR continues to drop to 12,23% (-0.78%) for a total investment of 1028€. Provided that some projects continue to pay interest, I will deduct this. If not, in the following month, the whole bound capital will be considered as default. As a precaution, I have also already participated in an action group. Here you can participate, there is also a telegram group.

P2P (Buy-back)

portfolio update mai 2020
No fresh funds were invested at Lendermarket in August either. So far, everything is running quite smoothly, delayed loans are keeping within limits. To be precise, the current rate is just under 19%. At the moment it is 18,34% (-1.88%). Lendermarket itself shows me 13,87% with 347,27€ investment.

Because the platform is new and I only invested 50€ I won't put capital as questionable for now.

On the platform there is a 2% cashback on all deposits until the end of October if you are using my link*. In total up to 16%! My reward is 5€ onetime + 1,5%.

portfolio update mai 2020

After a short moaning in July, I see a little clearer. I have already made it clear that there are some things that are not so great, but I will definitely stay invested. The communication is currently quite good.  I have taken a more conservative approach to my car investment, and this is already becoming apparent. The total investment at the end of August is 7.287€ with an IRR of 14,46% (-0,40%).

 I can only recommend taking a look at the official Mintos blog now and then and also taking into account the ExploreP2P loan originator rankings when selecting them.

Even if Mintos is one of my largest platforms, still have 20% are questionable, because some loan initiators are now under pressure and I sometimes have smaller positions here.

Mintos* stopped the cashback for investors. Only publishers like me receive onetime 5€ + 1% for 60 days.


IUVO P2P Investieren

IUVO currently runs on autopilot with 2.476€ invested at an IRR of 13,81% (-0,21%). There is nothing more to report.

Marking 10% of the capital as questionable seems to be appropriate because of the amount of HR loans. 

    • For IUVO there are two different offers. Unfortunately the referral program is extremely unattractive since a few days. For the first you can contact me because unfortunately it has to be done manually and I have to invite you. You get 20€ to 150€ depending on your investments. 1% are available for an investment of >2.000€, 1,5% for >3.500€.
    • With the 2nd offer (click on the banner) I get 5€ and had the idea to share my bonus of 200€ if you invest at least 2.500€ within 30 days. Investment, not deposit 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot offer sharing the bonus any longer, to put it politely because some people making life difficult for me.
portfolio update mai 2020

PeerBerry also runs more or less automatically. The interest rates are still at the lower end with around 10%, but stability is much more important to me now. The IRR in August is 13,35% (+0,14%) with invested 795€.

Also, very solid platform which I have in my portfolio for over two years. Due to the additional group guarantee, I don't think my investment is questionable as of today.

A while ago PeerBerry introduced a loyalty bonus, but with high requirements

    • 0,5% for 10.000€
    • 0,75% for 25.000€
    • 1% for 40.000€

If you use my PeerBerry* link, I'll receive 5€ + 1% from investments for 60 days.

Swaper has made a small jump again. 283,50€ are with an IRR of 12,23% (+3,63%).

Because I just have a few Euros invested I won't put it as questionable for now.

If you use my link* my reward is onetime 5€ + 2% cashback for 90 days.


portfolio-update mai 2020

At Viainvest, too, I have hardly had to intervene in the last few months. The IRR in August was 11,61% (+0,01%) with invested 1.243€ and is approaching the 12%.

In my opinion Viainvest is quite solid and so 0% of my capital is questionable.

For the start at Viainvest* there is a 15€ bonus. For this only 50€ need to be invested. I'm also rewarded with 15€ if you register with my link.

portfolio upate mai 2020
Another platform where no intervention was necessary is Twino. Here, 11,11% (-0.19%) of the invested 389,01€ are booked.

Because I just have a few Euros invested I won't put it as questionable for now.

Here* you can register. If you invest 100€ we both are rewarded with a bonus of 15€.

Viventor is not yet making any real progress, so patience is required. There are similar problems as with other platforms regarding pending payments etc. I will take a close look at this in the near future. 345,84€ are invested with an IRR 11,03% (-2,97%).

As of the end of August, exactly 48,15% of my capital is  questionable, because of the money invested in Aforti Finance/Factor loans and pending payments.

If you want to invest in Viventor*, there is unfortunately no bonus or cashback I can offer. Only I as a publisher receive a 15€ bonus (until end of August then 5€) and 1% cashback for 30, 60 and 90 days.

portfolio update mai 2020

The number of my Polish loans from Mikrokasa with 60+ days delay remains almost unchanged in August. However, repayments continue to come, albeit very small. 1.126€ are invested at the end of August with an IRR of 11% (-0,04%).

Bondster is a young platform, so I'll put 30% of the capital as questionable as well, because of the loans from Poland.

There is a 1% cashback after 30, 60 and 90 days at Bondster*. I receive 1,5% + 5€

portfolio-update mai 2020

At TFGCrowd, some projects were repaid in August and immediately reinvested by me. 1.158€ are currently invested and the IRR is 22,09% (+0.16%).

Still, I see it as a high risk investment. So 90% of my investment are questionable.

However, if you want to test the platform you can use my link. I get 20€ + 2% after 90 days as a reward if you invest at least 100€.

portfolio update mai 2020

As already suspected, interest rates were not quite as high as in July. As a result, the IRR has again slightly decreased to 8,31% (-0.09%) with a total investment of 13.083€! Concerning delayed projects here is a small overview. An investor has written a script, which you can find here as a temporary solution until the Investor Cabinet is released. You need to install the chrome plugin Tampermonkey. Nearly 30% of the projects are delayed, too many are updated. Erroneously, the equity rounds are also included, so it should be less in percentage terms.

portfolio update august 2020

Still, I put 50% of the capital as ‘questionable' because of the corona pandemic which will have a massive effect on tourism and restaurants.

With my link* there is 1% on top for 180 days on your investment! I'm rewarded with 1% too.


portfolio update mai 2020

Also, on Debitum Network had nothing to complain about in August. 318,23€ is my investment with an IRR of 6,77% (-0,40%). In September the situation looks different. The result is that I am withdrawing from Debitum. What the reasons are, you can read in the September update.

Because it's a new platform for me and the platform offer investment in business loans (doesn't matter if's asset-backed or not) I put 30% of the capital as questionable. 

If you also want to try out Debitum Network, you can use my link*. If you invest 100€ I get a reward of 10€ and 2% cashback for 90 days.


In the case of the Irish SME financing platform Linked Finance, projects continue to pay back diligently, both interest and principal. As planned, the repayments have enabled me to invest in another project. Portfolio Performance shows me an IRR of 6,42% (+0,09%) at the end of August for a total investment of 296,24€.

Like Debitum it's a new platform for me and you invest in business loans as well. So I put 30% as questionable.

Linked Finance has no affiliate or referral program. At least I don't know about it.

P2B (Real estate)

In August, ReInvest24 ‘only' added the interest from one project. However, the IRR still increases to 13,39% p.a. (+0,58%) with 301,97€. Of course, this is also due to the fact that I am currently not reinvesting and therefore do not go with the 2% fees in advance. To reduce the effort for me a little bit, I am currently investing in ReInvest24 projects via EvoEstate. But maybe I'll reconsider the whole thing. You can find the announced review together with an interview with Viktorija Bondarjonoka here.

I consider 10% of my investment as questionable, as ReInvest24 is still a young platform.

If someone wants to invest directly over ReInvest24* there is a 10€ bonus (for me as well). I switched to the referral link.


Bulkestate has been offering projects more frequently lately and I try to take everyone with the minimum investment. This is still the plan, unfortunately I didn't make it with the last two. So there was little happening in August except interest. At the moment 978€ are invested in 18 projects. The IRR is 12,81% (+0,68%). Two of these projects are currently delayed. At the Aleksandra Apartments I there might be an auction. In the case of the Briežu Street II project, we will wait until September.

I think about 12% of the capital is questionable, because of the two delayed projects and because I do not know how well the recovery is working.

 If you use my link* I'll receive 1% cashback for 180 days and one-time 5€.


portfolio update mai 2020

Also, at EstateGuru the delays are increasing a little bit. But I am not worried here, because the recovery works excellent so far. My account shows 3.281€ in August with an IRR of 8,89% (+0,19%). The interest payments are rising well in the last 1-2 months, so there is a steady cash flow here.

5% of the capital is questionable because I think EstateGuru is one of the safest platforms around.

At EstateGuru* there is a 0,5% cashback for 3 months. I also receive the cashback and in addition 5€.

portfolio-update mai 2020

Crowdestate was already the ‘lowlight' in July, and this continued in August. To anticipate the September update, the aforementioned delayed, larger project was cancelled and was auctioned off in record time at a ridiculous price, e.g. the IRR for August was still 7,71% (+0,19%) at 1.473€ invested. But next month, unfortunately, this will go south.

Approx. 40% of my capital I put as questionable because of the Baltic Forest X project. Another project was added in July, which currently cannot make repayments.

Unfortunately there is no affiliate link with cashback which I could forward to you. If you use my link*, I receive up to 1% cashback for 60 days. So Crowdestate too lowered the marketing budget.

portfolio update mai 2020

At EvoEstate I try to reach the 100 projects step by step. 4.146€ are currently invested in 61 projects with an IRR of 3,23% (+0,19%). I expect interest payments to increase accordingly in the coming months. One project, in which I was unfortunately not invested, was repaid with >28,5%!!! instead of the expected 12%.

I put 10% of the capital as questionable because of the buy-to-let project.

For EvoEstate there is a 0,5% cashback for 6 months with this link*. I get 0,5% too and one-time 5€.

portfolio update mai 2020

With NeoFinance, things are also running smoothly so far, the red credits are at least no longer being used. At the end of August 1.167€ are invested in NeoFinance and the IRR is 14,42% (+0,04%). I do not count the red credits as defaults so far, since they do make a payment from time to time. The manually selected loans have very strict criteria. I try to check in 1-2 months whether this change is crowned with success. The following screenshots show a comparison of July and August.


portfolio update august 2020

The return calculated by the platform is now 13,91% after an adjustment of the calculation. There is a deduction of 15% withholding tax (can be reduced to 10% by the way). 

At least the 91-270 days overdue loans I have to mark as questionable even though some of them might pay in the future. I think 30% of the capital is questionable in the current situation.

NeoFinance* changed and lowered their offer too. There is 1% cashback for you and me for 90 days.

P2P (Short-term)

Go & Grow

Go & Grow I mainly use for a small part of my cash and will also use it for my side hustle and savings for insurance payments. Because of the withdrawals from time to time and the fee of 1€ IRR is at 6,50%. However, I do not want to miss the liquidity available here. The total investment is 1.542€.

I don't think my investment here is in question. Bondora has enough leverage.

5€ are available for you at Bondora* right after registration. If someone wants to invest a larger amount, just send me a message because I get 5% of your investments and I share my bonus (2,5% for you).


portfolio update juli 2020

Strictly speaking, I added Quanloop to my portfolio as a test balloon in April. Also, I did an interview with them. I'm only invested with 52,70€ and the IRR was 13,20% (+1,28%) end of August. My AI is set up to 13-14%.

If you are interested in the platform, you can use my link* to get a 5€ bonus. I'm rewarded with 2,5% cashback.


With my 3rd test balloon, which I started in May I want to test it again and try to invest with very strict criteria via the Bondora API. For this I had a virtual sub-account created so that I could track the results. Currently, 153,59€ are invested there with an IRR of 12,97% (+5,83%).

5€ are available for you at Bondora* right after registration. If someone wants to invest a larger amount, just send me a message because I get 5% of your investments and I share my bonus (2,5% for you).


portfolio update juli 2020

The British platform AxiaFunder offers investing in an area I haven't seen before because they offer investing in litigation cases. You can find an interview with CEO Cormac Leech at explorerp2p.com. Very worth reading! My investment is £500. Yes, that's the minimum investment and a lot. You have to bring some capital with you in order to have proper diversification. The same is also possible for a total loss and even a loss of more than the invested money. On the positive side returns of 20-30% p.a. are possible. So it's a high risk test balloon! In August slightly positive due to currency effects.

If AxiaFunder is an interesting platform for you, I would be happy if you use my link*. I'm rewarded with 20€ + 3% of the investment.


New in July is Moncera. I recently introduced the platform and was also able to conduct an interview with CEO Dmitri Pavlov. Due to the close relationship with the Placet Group, only loans from this provider are listed there. The Placet Group is also available as a loan provider for Mintos, but today it has 2% less interest. In August 50,19€ are invested on the platform with an IRR of 3,52%.

Unfortunately there is no bonus or cashback what I can offer you. If you use my Moncera link*, I will receive 1% on all deposits made by you in the first 60 days. This also supports my blog, so I want to say thank you in advance!

Portfolio performance income

portfolio update august 2020

This is the earnings view of Portfolio Performance. 329,07€ in interest was paid in August. That's more than 100€ less than in July, which was mainly due to Crowdestor, which was back in the ‘normal' range.

Affiliate/referral income

I mentioned that I'll be more transparent regarding income of affiliate sources. You have seen that I write down what I get in return if you're using my links. Furthermore, I will update you here about my affiliate income in August. I haven't received it yet, under normal conditions I get it in the following months. But in total it's 235,02€ distributed over I don't know how many platforms, I forgot to take a screenshot. Unfortunately, I do not know why it has increased so much now. Again a big part is from the TFGCrowd affiliate.

portfolio update august 2020

Referral income I received from the following platforms:


Interest income in August was over 300€, which was very encouraging. If it is at least at this level for the future, I am really very satisfied. My affiliate income was very high this time, I will see that. Of course, it is also very nice to see. Paid out, but is still none of it. With Wisefund there is a new problem case that will almost certainly end in a write-off. Crowdestate will leave my portfolio over time, another reason will follow with the September update. And Debitum will also leave my P2P portfolio with time.

The low blows, because it's my own fault, are of course extremely annoying, but with time that will be cleared up. I've noticed that many new investors who embark on the P2P adventure are more interested in short-term returns. In most cases, however, this is not the case. Therefore, my time horizon is >10 years. If during this time the cash flow is halfway stable, I'm happy.

Distribution by P2P/Crowlending classes

Below you can find my distribution between the individual P2P / crowdlending classes for August.

    • 32,73% (+0,12%) P2P (Buy-back)
    • 34,79% (-0,03%) Crowdlending
    • 1,52% (+0,01%) P2B
    • 23,20% (-0,07%) P2B (Real estate)
    • 3,01% (+0,01%) P2P
    • 3,51% (0%) P2P (Short-term)
    • 1,24% (-0,03%) Misc. (AxiaFunder)

portfolio update august 2020

I hope you found my summary interesting as always. I am always open for constructive criticism and suggestions. Follow me on Instagram. There I post not only about P2P and crowdlending, but also about stocks, dividends and options. So have a look! We will read about the next portfolio update by mid-October at the latest.

Revolut – My account for p2p and crowdlending

Since I don't want to transfer everything from my regular bank account to the platforms, I was looking for a simpler solution. A few months ago I stumbled upon Revolut*. Since then, I use the app for all financial transactions in the area of p2p/crowdlending and also in business context as freelancer with Revolut for Business*.

After being skeptical at first I'm now a big fan of the app. The execution of transactions to the different platforms and also withdrawals is very fast. In addition  you can with the free Revolut VISA card with max. 200€ cash limit per month at an ATM. And that without additional costs!

In addition, Revolut is my faithful travel companion. Since I also work abroad from time to time  I also looked for a way to simply exchange currencies. This is easily possible with the Revolut app. Also, without fees (up to 6.000€ per month)!

Using my links for Revolut I get nothing at the moment. Previously I got reward of £2.00-3.00 for a standard card order. For Revolut for Business I'd get up to 66,35€. Reason is that Revolut pausing their affiliate programs.

About new projects on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

On my own behalf, I would like to mention that I also present new projects on Twitter (kaph1016) and Instagram (investdiversified) in which I invest myself. Also on Facebook I have a page. There are also a few insights into how I invest in other areas. So just follow me :).

*Some links in my posts are affiliate or referral links. That means I get a little bonus. For each of those who use these links, however, there are no costs or other disadvantages. On the contrary, there is usually a start bonus or cashback. So if you use these links, you support my blog and for that I say thank you in advance!


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