P2P portfolio update February 2021

Hello P2P friends! Today, with the P2P portfolio update February 2021, there is again a detailed report on the development of my P2P portfolio. One thing I can say in advance, I invested more than the months before. On which platform, you will learn in the following article. Happy reading!

Dividends in February 2021

Welcome back dear friends of the cash flow to the blog post on dividends in February 2021! There were lots of different dividend payers again and I go into more detail on the top 5. Enjoy!

Stock purchases February 2021

Happy Sunday to all stock and dividend fans! In the previous month, I still divided my stock purchases into two blog posts, for the stock purchases February 2021, there is only one blog post that contains all purchases and sales. Whereas sales there were actually none. But again I took some opportunities to further diversify… Continue reading Stock purchases February 2021

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P2P portfolio update January 2021

Hello there! In mid-February, I’ll take a look back at the previous month with the P2P portfolio update January 2021. There is a new test balloon that I’ve started. Which one it is, you will learn in the following blog post!

ReInvest24 goes to Spain

Hi together! ReInvest24 goes to Spain! Why the Baltic platform is going this way and what I think about it, you can read in the following blog post. Have fun reading! Opening of a new branch in Spain So with the latest post on ReInvest24’s blog, the platform announces further expansion. But let’s take a… Continue reading ReInvest24 goes to Spain

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Dividends in January 2021

Hello dear dividend friends! Today there is the blog post about my dividends in January 2021. It came down again some monetary drizzle. Have fun reading!

Stock purchases January 2021

Hi hi! The new year is still young. Nonetheless, there was a first movement in my stocks portfolio. In this blog post I want to write about my stock purchases in January 2021. Stay tuned!