Dividends in November 2021

dividends in february 2022

Hello everyone! I hope you all made it through the Christmas holidays safe and sound. In the last week of the year, let's take a look back at the dividends in November 2021 and their contribution to my monthly cash flow. Let's go!


Dividends in November 2021

Because of the crash last year I had the chance to build a beautiful stock portfolio which distribute nice dividends onto my account. With this blog series I want to share with you how many dividends I receive, and also which companies increased/decreased/cut their dividends and how I handle that.

November had quite a decent cash flow again, as some of my highest weighted stocks paid dividends. In total, I was able to collect 515,63 EUR. By the way, the figures are neither gross nor net, but somewhat mixed. In the case of US dividends, for example, 15% withholding tax has already been deducted. Dividends from British companies come without tax deduction.

  1. AT&T
    This time, 1st place goes to AT&T (T), which transferred me the equivalent of 92,33 EUR net. Here it will possibly also come to a re-buy.
  2. Kinder Morgan
    In 2nd place in the November ranking is pipeline operator Kinder Morgan (KMI) with the equivalent of 80,22 EUR.
  3. British American Tobacco
    For place 3, it goes to Great Britain to British American Tobacco, from which I received 63,17 EUR. In the tobacco sector, there will be another buy in January at the latest.
  4. B. Riley Financial
    4th place goes to B. Riley Financial (RILY) with a net 60,40 EUR due to another special dividend.
  5. Omega Healthcare
    Last but not least another REIT. After Iron Mountain in the previous month, this time there is a dividend of 58,62 EUR from Omega Healthcare (OHI). Here, too, a re-buy may be appropriate.

There are many other and smaller dividends, which you can see in the screenshot above.

Dividend increases

  • Royal Gold increased its dividend from 0,30 USD to 0,35 USD per share (+16,7%)
  • Mastercard increased its dividend from 0,44 USD to 0,49 USD per share (+11,4%)
  • Simon Property Group increased its dividend from 1,50 USD to 1,65 USD per share (+10%)
  • Realty Income increased its dividend from 0,236 USD to 0,246 USD per share (+4,2%)
  • Main Street Capital increased its monthly dividend from 0,210 USD to 0,215 USD per share (+2,4%)

Dividend cuts/decreases

FS KKR lowered its dividend from 0,65 USD to 0,62 USD per share (-4.6%)

My broker(s)

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About new projects on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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