UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review

Hello to another blog post on Invest diversified blog EN. After my interview and short review of Boldyield* I checked my watchlist and stumpled again over the crowdlending platform TFGCrowd*. The platform is around some time and there are plenty of projects available. That triggered me and I created an account on the platform and… Continue reading UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review

Portfolio-Update October 2019

Hello dear investors, portfolio-update-october-2019 today the portfolio update October 2019 is on the agenda. What has happened in my portfolio? Well, if you look at the total amount it’s less than in September. However, there have been some redeployments as part of my platform consolidation. What exactly was moved from where to where and why… Continue reading Portfolio-Update October 2019

Portfolio-Update September 2019

Hello dear readers, portfolio-update-september-2019 today I would like to write about my portfolio update for September 2019.  My portfolio has grown to almost 30.000€. After 2.100€ in August it was even more in September. In fact, almost 2.800€ were investen on various platforms. Which ones? You can read this in the blog post below.  XIRR Table portfolio-update-september-20192019… Continue reading Portfolio-Update September 2019

Portfolio-Update August 2019

Welcome back! portfolio-update-august-2019 Let’s continue with the portfolio update for August 2019. In August a lot of (re-)investments were made and two new platforms were added. But I’m also withdrawing my money on two other platforms. In total I have reinvested almost 2.100€ and the P2P portfolio has clearly broken my magic limit of 25.000€!… Continue reading Portfolio-Update August 2019