Platform overview

platform overview bonus cashback

On this blog page I would like to give my readers an overview over the different p2p or crowdlending platforms I invest in currently of invested in the past ordered by category. In addition here you will find information about special offers for new investors, cashback and raffles. The conditions of the respective platforms are subject to constant change and I’ll try to publish the best possible offers for the readers here. Of course the posted links are affiliate links and I get a little reward. If the reward is bigger then I will share it. If you want to invest just click on the banners.

Special offer for (new) investors (last update on January 29, 2020)

platform overview bonus cashback(19. – 20. Juni 2020)
P2P conference in Riga – get ready for many interesting speakers!

platform overview bonus cashback (10-14%)
10€ start bonus

platform overview bonus cashback
5€ start bonus + 2,5% of your investment
Please contact me for this offer. I get 5% of investments >10€ in the first 30 days. I share this bonus!


platform overview bonus cashback (11-26%)
1% cashback for 180 days for the registration with my link

0,5% cashback for 270 days

5€ + 0,5% cashback for 360!!! days with the promo codeinvestdiversified’

P2P (with buy-back guarantee)

IUVO P2P Investieren

    • 30€+60€ bonus (for an investment of 1.000€/2.500€ )
      Please contact me because unfortunately it has to be done manually
    • 90€ bonus (click on the banner) for an investment of 2.500€ within 30 days
      Here I share my bonus of 200€. If you’re interested just send me a short message.

platform overview bonus cashback(4-14%)
1% cashback after 30, 60 and 90 days

platform overview bonus cashback (7-16%)
0,5% cashback after 30, 60 and 90 days

(bis 13,7%)

(11% fix)
10€ bonus for the start at the platform


(12% fix)
1% cashback for 60 days

(12% fix + 2% at 5.000€ Investment)

P2P (no buy-back guarantee)

(up to 27%)
25€ start bonus at NeoFinance

P2B (business)

(7-8,5% + 4,5% penalty)


P2B (real estate)

platform overview bonus cashback (5-22%)

platform overview bonus cashback (10-13,5%)
0,5% investment bonus in the first 3 months



100€ promo code after first investment