ReInvest 24 – First review and interview

Hi there! Today there is a blog post with two parts. The first is a review of the Estonian real estate platform ReInvest24, part two another interview. This time with ReInvest24′ new marketing manager Viktorija Bondarjonoka. And yes the secondary market will be a topic :).

Moncera and the Placet Group

Hi there! It’s time again for a presentation of a new platform. It’s somehow the ‘extended arm’ of Placet Group, which many of you might know as a A-/B+ rated loan originator on Mintos. The platform’s name is Moncera* and I had the chance to do an interview with their CEO Dmitri Pavlov.

Quanloop – Another Estonian P2P platform? – A Review

Hi there! From time to time I present new platforms on my blog. There are different reasons for that. First it’s for sure personal interest. On the other hand platforms want to be ‘promoted’ by bloggers. Therefore, I did an interview with Quanloop. What? Again an Estonian P2P platform? Not exactly!

Bondster – Interview with Jana Mücková

Hello again. In the last time there were only portfolio updates and my blog post about my thoughts on due diligence in general. But now I think it’s time again for an interview. In honour of this occasion I did an interview with Jana Mücková the CEO of the P2P marketplace Bondster*. I started my … Continue reading “Bondster – Interview with Jana Mücková”

UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review

Hello to another blog post on Invest diversified blog EN. After my interview and short review of Boldyield* I checked my watchlist and stumpled again over the crowdlending platform TFGCrowd*. The platform is around some time and there are plenty of projects available. That triggered me and I created an account on the platform and … Continue reading “UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review”

Boldyield – High yields? – Review

With Boldyield – High yields? – Review I would like to introduce you to a very fresh platform that just was launched. It’s Boldyield* which is registered in Estonia, but with its head office located in Riga, Latvia. It is a crowdlending platform that focuses on three areas. Real estate and business loans, as we already … Continue reading “Boldyield – High yields? – Review”

EvoEstate – Aggregator platform – Interview with Gustas Germanavičius

Hello to a new blog post. evoestate aggregator platform interview This time it’s about  EvoEstate, the first aggregator platform in the P2P segment. In the blog post you will find a short presentation of the platform, followed by an interview with CEO Gustas Germanavičius. Finally, I would like to share my thoughts for includingEvoEstate in … Continue reading “EvoEstate – Aggregator platform – Interview with Gustas Germanavičius”

Wisefund – Crowdfunding with 10 Euro – Interview

Hello together, wisefund crowdfunding 10 euro interview it’s time again and I’ve launched another crowdfunding test balloon. I actually wanted to start consolidating my platforms. Well, that have to wait. So let’s move on to my latest investment on Wisefund Capital where crowdfunding is possible from with only 10€. You will find an interview later … Continue reading “Wisefund – Crowdfunding with 10 Euro – Interview”

Monethera – Interview with Envestio light?

A few days ago a new platform called Monethera was mentioned in P2P Facebook groups and forums. I registered there for testing and would like to give you some information and a short interview. Dashboard, projects and project descriptions Monethera does not yet have a significant track record as a platform. So you should look … Continue reading “Monethera – Interview with Envestio light?”

Crowdestor – Interview, auto-invest and secondary market

Hi there. After the presentation of Kuetzal I would like to introduce you to Crowdestor today. I’ve been invested here since April 2019 but I already like the platform extraordinarily well. The company is based in Estonia (Tallin), but operates from Latvia (Riga). The Crowdestor interview also gives some information about the auto-invest feature and … Continue reading “Crowdestor – Interview, auto-invest and secondary market”