Portfolio update April 2020

Hi everybody! I hope you all are safe and sound! It’s now mid/end of May and so it’s time again for a small retrospective of the portfolio update April 2020. After I took advantage of the (supposed) opportunities on the stock market in March and invested more money than ever before, I actually thought my … Continue reading “Portfolio update April 2020”

Quanloop – Another Estonian P2P platform? – A Review

Hi there! From time to time I present new platforms on my blog. There are different reasons for that. First it’s for sure personal interest. On the other hand platforms want to be ‘promoted’ by bloggers. Therefore, I did an interview with Quanloop. What? Again an Estonian P2P platform? Not exactly!

My platform settings #1

Hello everybody! I hope you had peaceful Easter holidays even though it was probably a little bit lonely than we normally know it. In the last blog post I told you I want to show you my platform settings #1 so you see what I changed due to the effects of COVID-19 on the p2p/crowdlending … Continue reading “My platform settings #1”

Portfolio update February/March 2020

Hello dear blog readers! It’s time again for a portfolio update February 2020. After the recent losses because of my naive investments an event occurred pretended far away from Europe and Germany were I’m based. I think you all know what I’m writing about – the corona virus or COVID-19. What seems to be a … Continue reading “Portfolio update February/March 2020”

Bondster – Interview with Jana Mücková

Hello again. In the last time there were only portfolio updates and my blog post about my thoughts on due diligence in general. But now I think it’s time again for an interview. In honour of this occasion I did an interview with Jana Mücková the CEO of the P2P marketplace Bondster*. I started my … Continue reading “Bondster – Interview with Jana Mücková”

Portfolio-Update January 2020 – The song of greed and panic

Hi folks! Today I want to write about my journey and give you a portfolio update January 2020. Again it was a rough month with many bad and some good news, with rumors, facts, insights and new information. In the end I have to think more about my investment choices than it was planned in … Continue reading “Portfolio-Update January 2020 – The song of greed and panic”

P2B crisis: How to start due diligence

Hello everybody! Today I am writing about the events of the past few weeks at Kuetzal and new developments at Envestio and effects on the entire P2B industry. But that’s just the plug, actually I want to show you which sources you can choose to get information about projects on the platforms and do your … Continue reading “P2B crisis: How to start due diligence”

Portfolio-Update December 2019

Hi everyone! First of all happy new year! Hopefully everything wie go in the direction we hope. Furthermore I want to thank all blog readers, commentators, partners in discussion in the Facebook groups and followers on Instagram and Twitter. 2019 I met a lot of interesting people, had a lot of exciting discussions and learned … Continue reading “Portfolio-Update December 2019”

Portfolio-Update November 2019

Hello everybody! 🙂 Welcome to my portfolio update in November 2019. Yeah I know it’s already mid December but end of the year is a very busy time in my full time job. In November I could increase my total portfolio slightly. Still there is a lot shifting around between platforms. This time I want … Continue reading “Portfolio-Update November 2019”

UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review

Hello to another blog post on Invest diversified blog EN. After my interview and short review of Boldyield* I checked my watchlist and stumpled again over the crowdlending platform TFGCrowd*. The platform is around some time and there are plenty of projects available. That triggered me and I created an account on the platform and … Continue reading “UK crowdlending with TFGCrowd – Interview and review”